Our History

The African Studies Bookstore was born at Uganda Museum in The Uganda Society Library just on a table with about 12 books. Some of our first titles included Crisis of Confidence by Kirunda Kivejinja and Governing Uganda by Thomption .All the titles where bought and we started contacting publishers and authors for more titles.The increase in titles meant that we had to move out of the Library to the foyer commonly known as the Verandah so many people who visit the Museum daily can see and buy the books.We can assure you that the results where excellent.Many books sold out and  this is when Atukwatse Wartson started cooking the idea of starting The African Studies bookstore.”i thought about African Studies Bookstore because most of my clients  always asked me something they can  read  and have a broad picture of Africa’s Literally world . After operating on a table ( we still have the table at the museum) on the foyer for 2 years,The bookstore has expanded and  now ships books to all countries in the world with leading clients coming from UK , South Africa,Japan,Canada USA , Sweden,Australia ,Kenya and Uganda. The African studies bookstore collects and delivers books to readers in Kampala and its neighborhood for free.


Promote Accessibility of works by African Writers
Promote Literature  both fiction and non -fiction and Africa’s rich natural History.
To satisfy readers needs .
Ensure that Authors benefit from their work fully.
Promote the reading and writing culrure in Africa
Ease the accessibility of reading material in Africa .
Promote research on the continent.


To be Africa’s leading online bookstore promoting Africa’s Art culture,quality literature,history,politics of Africa  and Scientific content.You will find that our books enlighten ,educate and engage .
We hope you will enjoy your visit to the African studies bookstore website.